Baptism is an outward expression of an inward decision for Christ.

Is baptism your next step?

Baptism publicly announces our faith, identifies us with Jesus, and represents the death, burial and resurrection of Christ. Baptism is for every believer who has committed their life to Jesus and is ready to make this public profession. If you have not been baptized since committing your life to Him, we invite you to be baptized at Mt. Zion!

Will baptism make me a Christian?

Baptism is something that God commands and expects every believer to take seriously and to go through as an act of obedience. It’s vitally important, but to say that baptism “saves” us or that baptism is required before I can go to heaven contradicts the teachings of the Bible. Baptism is simply the first next step for a new believer in Jesus.

Still Have Questions?

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