“Summer in the Psalms”

Join us as over the summer as we journey through the book of Psalms in search of what it means to step into the life God has for us.

“A Happy Life”

May 15, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

True happiness is experienced when a person delights in the Word of God. Psalm 1 is an invitation to step into a life of worship which leads us to the root of obedience.

“A Thankful Life”

May 29, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

Through the Psalms, we learn that thanksgiving and praise are more than just words. They are rhythms meant to transform us from the inside out.

“A Courageous Life”

June 5, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

The Psalmist, whose conditions and circumstances were often more dire than our own, found a way to conquer fear by finding God. What has fear kept you from doing? What would you do, or attempt, if you knew you would not fail?

“A Fearless Life”

June 12, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

Psalm 23 is one of the most comforting and familiar of the psalms. However, it was written as an invitation to step into the life that God has for you. It reminds the weary that no matter the road ahead, the darkness around, or the enemy nearby, God is near!

“A Life of Forgiveness”

June 26, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

Our sin can leave us feeling burdened & broken. When we confess that brokenness to Jesus, He forgives us & mends us in those broken places, freeing us to step into the Life God has for us.

“An Intentional Life”

July 3, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

Of all the parents in the entire world, God chose you to raise your kids. Are you raising God-worshipping, fully-devoted followers of Jesus or culturally compliant citizens? There is an invitation to a life that God has for your child and you are a guide.

“A Secure Life”

July 10, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

Take back your faith from your circumstances and condition, and place your faith in the hands of a good Father. He is for you, He is with you, and He is a very present help in trouble.

“A Sent Life”

July 17, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

In seasons of trouble, we often ask, “Why is this happening?” However, what we often discover on the other side of trouble is that God was preparing us to be sent out on mission to the world around us.

“A Life of Longing”

July 24, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

In the Bible, we read of people who longed for freedom and paid any price to know God deeply. Why don’t we? Why are we so content? What does a life of longing look like, and how do we faithfully step into it?

“A Life of Joy”

July 31, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

The path to joy amidst personal guilt comes through the process of repentance. Repentance comes through confessing sin and thanking God for his forgiveness through Christ as we are transformed by the Holy Spirit.

“A Life of Praise”

August 7, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

Throughout Scripture, we see that there is power unleashed when the people of God sing – the power to remember and to be comforted, to connect our heart and mind, and to have freedom over oppression.

“A Life of Surrender”

August 14, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

The Lord tells us that He will rescue those who love Him and protect those who trust in His name. Do you need to call out to God today for rescue, protection or salvation?

“Better Than Life”

August 21, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

The gospel is not only practical; it is beautiful and soul-satisfying. Jesus offers us more than a religious belief system. He invites us on a journey to experience daily the life that God has for us.

“The Life You’ve Always Wanted”

August 28, 2022 • Pastor Luke Jackson

As God’s creation, we are called to mirror His nature – stepping into a life marked with joy.

“A Blessed Life to Bless Life”

September 4, 2022 • Pastor Stephen Tolan

We are a blessed people. But to what end or purpose are we blessed? God blesses us so that we might be a blessing to all people, everywhere.

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